Wiersze - Serj Tankian

" The blinded eye spoke,

Of the headless toads

Being used for growing organs,

For transplants.

For it is far more profitable,

To sell parts, than to prevent

Or even cure man's ill fated,

Self inflicted diseases.

I can't find a straw in my revery,

Nor comfort in my ideals,

For while among the heretics,

Burn the flag and touch their hearts,

With ecstacy and porno films.

I too wonder who painted

The seas of understanding,

For among the shining, we shine."

------ Surgical

" The golden awnings feeding vultures of salvation,

For the murderor, an unmatched delight,

A sanitized removal of the dreadful dead victims,

Of an elitist concocted genocide,

As in East Timor, as in Nicaragua, as in El Salvador, as in Turkey,

Lebanon, and elsewhere,

For as long as natural resources exist,

Locals (as they are called) will never see freedom,

Thanks to the American Way of Life."


"We rested beyond the welded, fenced peninsula,

With frosted baby bites filtering the harbormaster's voice,

Within the city of sound,

The pollination beyond interrogation,

In life's haphazard wizardry.

In a sense, periodically dense carcasses

Shine light upon the backdrop,

Themselves so drained of color and sight."

------------ Surgical

" Negative, disenfranchised populace,

My throat hurts,

From the vicous disease

Called preaching, alerting,

The showing of all my truths,

Our truths, history,

Our lives, in misery,

Always striving for balance,

Allow me to plunge

The dagger of my frustrations with injustice,

Into your soul organ.

And let me infect you,

With the urgency and willingness to know;

Who is dying today ? Where ? Why ?

In what new and innovative ways,

At the hands of brutal men

And their military business world.

Let us instigate the revolt,


--------- SURGICAL

"Life ties you to addiction,

Through its many Epicurean , immortal extravagances,

Pulling you ever so inward,

Along the belts leading to the Powers That Be,

Through debt, loss of credit,

Credit being the foundation for 20th century credibility,

The ability to carry credit,

Chance being created in dire times of desperation,

In the profitable casino of geographical domination.

Those that are left are the survivors of the system,

That reinvent themselves on the cycle of 5 year planning,

To adapt, adjust, learn, and continue.

As in a good maze,

Where you end up is never where you started,

Nor where you ever predicted."

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